Jersey Jack Pinball set to release new Wizard of Oz Pinball

Being a lover of the old school arcade and an owner of Black Knight, Haunted House and Black Hole pinball machines, I'm very happy to see a new pinball machine from a different pinball company set to be released.

If you aren't aware, the only pinball company still producing new machines these days is Stern Pinball. Well, we all know competition is a great thing and Stern finally has some.

Jersey Jack Pinball is set to release The Wizard of Oz Pinball with a 26 inch HD LCD built into the back-glass, a cool crystal ball with video showing on the inside, the spinning house, melting witch and of course, a flying monkey that flies down and steals your ball! As a nice touch, the flippers are Dorothy's ruby red slippers.

Picture of Wizard of Oz Pinball from TheSlate.com

Good luck to Jersey Jack! Great to see another company producing pinball machines.
Rich Cavallaro

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